Why Choose Me?

The answer is why not?  I'm just like you. Like you, I have dreams.  I understand that people have budgets and I’m more than willing to make deals with you. Keep checking the site because there are gone be a ton of deals! You're not gonna find another producer that's more down to earth and understanding. I was just sleeping in cars not too long ago. Plus I’m a college student at Illinois State University. So I understand the struggle and am more than willing to come up with resolutions. 

The main thing about being a producer and not a beatmaker, the difference is the ear.

Metro Boomin'

About Me



First, I wanna thank you for visiting my page.  Thanks for making this dream and vision become a reality. 

So who am I? Honestly I'm just a kid from the Southside of Chicago; I’ve always had a passion for music. Yet, three years ago, just two weeks from graduating High School, I was homeless and on my own.  My home was now my mom’s Nissan Sentra or any couch I could sleep on. Music got me through these dark times. I would hum melodies to calm myself, or just add my own rendition of current songs on the radio. I make music because music heals and saves. Music saved me from going off the deep end.  I want my music to inspire and uplift others, but most importantly, tell the stories of my struggle and pain through sound. Once again I’m A-Zart and I thank you for turning dreams into a reality!